Izakaya Ate will provide the only true Japanese Izakaya style eating experience in Noosa. We are located in the popular and fast growing area of Arcadia St, Noosa Heads.
Izakaya Ate  is a casual Japanese eatery where people come from all ages with friends and love ones to share food, drink and have a great time (memories, experience).

Izakaya Ate offers mouth watering, finger licking, tasty dishes that go perfectly with our beautiful and large selection of drinks we have on offer. We offer a wide selection of Japanese and international drinks, that including beer, sake, shochu, wine, umeshu, whisky, original cocktails and lots more.
We, also have our own big and tasty homemade dishes like our Japanese curry, Don and Noodles for those with a big appetite or to share with your friends.


we offer food for vegetarian, vegans, and gluten free food so everyone can come and enjoy the slice of japan that we offer here at Izakaya Ate.

The atmosphere is relaxed,friendly and fun. Come and experience a piece of Japanese culture thru our food and drinks.


Izakaya Ate

Started as far back as 400 years ago in Edo era, "Izakaya" has become a popular eatery for Japanese to enjoy drinking with small dishes the go PERFECTLY along with Alcoholic beverages. people go to Izakaya for any occasions from drinks after work to having parties. You could say "Izakaya" is another Japanese culture.

what is 'ATE' ? (reads "ah-teh")

"ATE" is a Japanese dialect meaning appetisers in Kansai area. people in Tokyo usually use a word "Otsumami" instead, but "ATE" has recently become a popular word everywhere in japan. after enjoying different kinds of appetiser dishes with enough drinks to get you feel tipsy, people usually go for rice, noodles and soups, ate Izakaya ATE. we got you all covered. please enjoy our homemade Japanese cuisine and large variety of drinks


 Arcadia Street, Noosa Junction

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Kris Goto is a fast growing up coming artist. Her art is truly unique and extraordinary. She was born and raised in the country side of Japan. Yes, where the rice fields are. The particular piece you see made by her is called hungry, a simply beautiful piece of artwork, that reminds me I'm pretty hungry right now. 

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